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Improve your language skills through reading short stories and consolidate your knowledge with fun games and challenging tasks. Broaden your cultural horizons, as our different characters take you on their adventures. around Germany, Spain, and France.

Teachers can use our resources to set inspiring homework and creative writing projects, as well using the stories and resources in class with beginners or for retrieval practice. 

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We have over 10 original stories for each language, to help you boost your language skills. Try it now!


Broaden your capital horizons, as our characters discover different traditions, landmarks, and places.


Discover a wide range of interesting resources to use in class or set as inspiring homework.

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Play our classic, educational games to consolidate and improve your language skills.


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Improve your language skills through reading. Consolidate your knowledge with fun games and interesting tasks. Teachers can set inspiring homework or use resources in class. Great for retrieval practice.

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