About us

The roots of A Language Story



When I first starting learning German more than 30 years ago, my teacher often created fantastic, funny stories, to help us learn. Looking back, I have released how important these stories were.

They gave us the chance to read aloud and practice pronunciation, consolidate our vocabulary and teach us sentence structure, build our confidence in speaking. I may not have realised it then, but these stories provided the foundations I needed to build my language skills through GCSE, A-Level and at University.

These stories have been my inspiration for creating A Language Story. My stories are based on my travels around Germany, France, Spain and other parts of Europe, the friends I met and some of the adventures I had.

I have created each story to include key vocabulary covered in schools, so that teachers and pupils can use the stories and accompanying materials to consolidate their classroom learning or be used alongside their course in the classroom.

They are great for reading out, listening comprehensions, grammar exercises and much more!

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