Make progress with speaking!

You can use our short stories in French, Spanish and German, to make progress with speaking.

Once you have listened to the audio and talked about pronunciation, you can ask pupils to read aloud, so they get to practice.

There are many dialogues within the story, so you can ask pupils to practice a dialogue with a partner or create their own version and practice that.

Using the speaking resource sheets provided pupils can practice conversations based on scenes in the book or even get creative and act out or film partner the story!

Importantly there is opportunity for fun and interaction with the texts, which will help pupils make progress!

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Boost your reading skills!

Using authentic texts can be difficult for Key Stage 3 ( 11-14 yrs). Stories are too childish to hit the right language level or too difficult if you choose something more age appropriate.

A Language Story offers original short stories, which aim to solve this problem. Using lots of vocabulary which pupils will recognise, the stories are accessible and cover topics and themes, which will engage pupils.

Reading in the target language is so important in second language acquisition . It helps develop and consolidate vocabulary, grammatical structures and forms, and through better understanding pupils are motivated and inspired!

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Improve your listening skills!

All of our stories come with a native speaker audiobook version and listening comprehension questions.

This is helps learners not only with understanding, but also with pronunciation when they read along.

Improve your listening skills and sign up for a FREE TRIAL on launch at

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FREE page preview

I am really excited this morning, as I near completion of the first story packs, ready to send out for FREE.

Before that, here is a preview of the first page of each story in French Spanish and German with links to some cultural information.

You can find them here –

I’d love to know your first impressions 😀

Super funky Clothing & Accessories

We are building a cool collection of foreign language clothing, mugs, caps, hoodies , and more so you can be the funkiest MFL teacher in your town 😀

Also coming soon – classroom display posters, reward stickers and other useful classroom gifts and display accessories to enrich you language classroom.

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Motivate and inspire pupils

Our stories are full of interesting cultural references, which allow teachers to expand with their own stories and information.

This is a massive inspiration for young learners and gives them a real life reason to want to learn the language, something we feel is very important.

As our characters discover new places on their adventures, pupils can also start to imagine doing the same thing.

The cultural references and adventures can also lead to some great project work like researching a place, a project on the environment or street art in Germany…. The options are endless.

You can sign up for a free trial at

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Building cultural capital also motivates learners

For pupils sitting in a warm classroom in the afternoon Language learning can be difficult, especially if it’s a heavy grammar based lesson!

By bringing in some cultural information, showing a brief clip or some pictures can really inspire pupils to want to find out more and motivate them to learn the language.

In our stories we include many references to landmarks, food and drink, music, art and other cultural aspects of the places visited. This not only opens up the classroom lesson to the real world, but also provides opportunity for project work, creative homework and importantly a hook to hang new language on.

Don’t just teach the topic of holidays. Get pupils to find out about a specific place and then base their new language on that place.

Using our stories in this way, is a great way to finish off a topic and create a final piece of writing or even a short story of their own.

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Boosting confidence in language learners!

Enablingq learners to understand texts quickly, but challenging them to think at the same time, helps them build their confidence in the language and believe they can do it!

Our stories are designed to inspire and motivate pupils to read in the target language, without needing to look up every second word. Instead they can consolidate vocabulary and grammar structures they have already studied and build from there!

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Why is reading important?

Why reading is so important in learning a second language.

Reading is an excellent way to improve your language skills. By doing lots of reading, you’re exposing yourself to new vocabulary and structures in a totally natural way, which helps you gain a better understanding of how the language really works.

Some important things to note when you’re reading in a foreign language:

  • You will not understand every word. Just try and understand as much as you can from context and get the gist. You can look up any key words in a dictionary.
  • Write down new words and phrases. If you look something up, write it down!
  • Make notes. You can improve your writing skills and ensure you don’t forget things, by making some notes.
  • Enjoy it! If you read something you enjoy, it won’t feel like work 😄
open book reading

Our short stories are a great way of starting your reading adventure. They are, erm, short, which is motivational at the beginning! They contain vocabulary you will recognise, so you can get the gist quickly, they are wonderfully illustrated and packed full of cultural information too.

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