Newsletter 3 – Get ready for Reading!

Newsletter 3 - Get ready for Reading!




I am really pleased to have received sign ups from all around the World. It is a testament to the belief that reading is a GREAT way to learn and develop language skills.


The FREE stories are now on our YouTube channel along with the audio. 

You can find them here –


Please subscribe to the channel and keep an eye out for a few specials and freebies appearing in the near future!


Thanks again for signing up to A Language Story, and thanks to all of the new subscribers this month. I am truly overwhelmed and excited by the massive interest in my project.

As many of you know, I am a languages teacher, and after a busy end of year, I am working full throttle to prepare for the September launch of

In order to help you prepare your schemes of work to include our short stories and resources, I have created a synopsis of each story, so you can see which topic areas I have covered.

Please follow this link –


Enjoyment is vital!

Using short stories is a great way to create fun lessons with huge learning potential!

Play vocabulary games using the vocabulary sheets relevant to each story.

Get pupils to read the story out for pronunciation practice.

Listen to the story read by a native speaker to practise listening skills.

Have a go at the reading and listening activities online to check comprehension.

Use parts or all of the story for creative writing and speaking !

Sign up for a FREE trial now and try it out for yourselves!

Make your lessons even more fun and inspiring!

Creative story writing

Our collection of short stories are great to work on in class, in IT rooms or at home. Once pupils have understood the story there are lots of opportunities to exploit the text for creative projects.

Why not encourage pupils to try their own piece of creative writing or comic strip. They could make up their own characters and use the core vocabulary to write a basic story.

Our creative writing help sheet will be perfect to help pupils structure their writing!

I am a strong believer in creative projects as a great way to motivate and inspire pupils to take languages further!

Try out our FREE story

Inspire your pupils!

Introducing A Language Story!

A series of short stories in French, Spanish and German.

Stories are linked to the U.K. curriculum, using vocabulary pupils will recognise from class work and covering typical topics like Freetime, health, environment, town, shopping, school and so on.

All the stories are complete with audio, quiz questions and other resources.

Each story also contains many links to some cultural information about the place, as a starting point for pupils to broaden their cultural horizon.

You can sign up for a FREE trial at

Sign up for 3 months FREE!

A Language Story provides a bridge from text book texts to authentic literature, by using a range of vocabulary and grammar that pupils recognise from class topics.

This builds confidence in their reading and motivates them to persevere.

Available from September in French, German and Spanish, complete with audio and teaching resources, as well as many references to cultural aspects of the places the characters visit there is a series of 10 stories for each language.

Take a look at our website for more information and sign up now for a FREE trial –

Los dos amigos on Youtube!

Ask your pupils to read and listen to the story over the holidays. They could then write their own simple short story for a project over the summer!

I would love to see some examples of their work!

More resources available at

Johnny German hits YouTube!

Ask your pupils to read and listen to the story over the holidays. They could then write their own simple short story for a project over the summer!

I would love to see any examples of stories attempted!

More resources available at

Improve confidence in speaking

You can use our stories to help pupils build their confidence in speaking the target language.

When I use the stories in class, I remind pupils about some of the key sounds and then ask pupils to read aloud.

This is great for pronunciation and pupils quickly realise that they can do it. They quickly feel more comfortable speaking in German, French or Spanish.

There are lots of other potential activities you can create using the stories. For example pupils can act out scenes or just a couple of the conversational parts. Then they can try to make up their own version.

Take a look at

Value for money

As a teacher myself, I am well aware of the constraints on department budgets and on our own budgets with the considerable rise in the cost of living.

I am therefore really pleased to let you know that I have reviewed my pricing for A Language Story to make it as accessible as possible for individuals and for schools

Please see subscription prices here –

If you like what you see, just sign up for the Free month trial and then later, when the website is fully launched, you can decide to subscribe or not, after you have tried it out.

Check out the FREE story here –

Get your pupils into reading this Autumn with A Language Story!

June Newsletter

Newsletter 2 - Preview Stories are ready!



I wanted to explain a little more about the concept behind A Language Story.

When introducing literature to beginner level pupils, I have always found it very difficult to find a text which is accessible  and age appropriate. Stories are either too childish or too difficult to understand.

That is why I started writing some short stories and using them in class to consolidate and practice vocabulary, which related to vocabulary and structure we were using in class.

The result is that pupils gain confidence in their ability to read and are therefore motivated to persevere.

A Language Story aims to provide an introduction to reading. The short stories are a bridge to reading authentic literature.

I have tested the initial stories in class and the response has been fantastic! Follow up tasks have included drama, story writing and film making!


We have had lots of fun so far – I hope you will too!


I am really pleased to introduce these first stories for FREE.

All of the short stories in German, Spanish and French  come with an audio version and some comprehension questions.

They are read and checked by a native speaker and I have checked them over, but please forgive me if you spot any typos or mistakes. Before the main launch I will get everything proof read again !

As I develop the website, the layout will be optimised too, which will give you the smoothest user friendly experience possible. For example I would like to add an annotation function, so you can ask pupils to highlight words on the board.

In other news…….

I started an MFL reading club at school recently, which has been really great. Interestingly I have had a big mix of students coming along keen to try to improve – not just the top of the class! 

FREE Spanish Story – Los dos amigos en Barcelona

First Spanish short story OUT NOW for FREE - Los dos amigos en Barcelona.

I am really excited to launch the first SPANISH short story from the  Los dos amigos series.

In fact, I am so pleased about it, I am giving you this one for FREE.

There will be 12 books available from September, with more on the way,  covering all the main topics for Spanish learners at beginner and intermediate level.

They are perfect to use in class or to set as homework and each story comes with an audio version, a comprehension quiz and various resources.

I hope you will try out the first FREE story –

If you like it please sign up for the FREE trial –

I’d love to know what you think.

Many thanks


FREE German Story – Johnny German am Bodensee

FREE first Story OUT NOW - Johnny German am Bodensee

I am so happy to finally launch the first GERMAN story from the  Johnny German series. In fact, I am so pleased, I am giving you this one for FREE.

There will be 12 books in total, covering all the main topics for German learners at beginner level.

They are perfect to use in class or to set as homework and each story comes with an  audio version, a comprehension quiz and various resources.

I hope you will try out the first FREE story –

If you like it please sign up for the FREE trial –

I’d love to know what you think.

Viel Spaß


FREE French Story – Les amis d’Annie à Lyon

FREE First Story OUT NOW - Les amis d'Annie à Lyon

I am so pleased to finally launch the first FRENCH story from the  Les amis d’Annie collection. In fact I am so pleased, I am giving you this one for FREE.

There will be 12 books in total, covering all the main topics for beginner French learners.

They are perfect to use in class or to set as homework and each story comes with an  audio version, a comprehension quiz and various resources.

I hope you will try out the first FREE story –

If you like it please sign up for the FREE trial –

I’d love to know what you think.

Bon chance!


Johnny German & Friends

Meet Johnny German & Friends

Johnny German is 14 years old and just loves all things German, hence his nickname Johnny German!

He plays the piano and harmonica and takes every opportunity to show off his talents. 

He also loves to travel and learn about local specialities and customs.

Join him on his adventures, as he visits places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and meets a lot of new friends on the way.

If you want to inspire and motivate your pupils, you can sign up for a FREE trial here

You get one FREE story, as well as one free month access to a language once we fully launch.

Look forward to working with you!

Meet les amis d’Annie

Annie loves speaking French and loves to travel around France.

She meets up with her friends, Jacques and Youssef and they have some great adventures, as they visit different places in France.

Annie loves art and is always sketching pictures of her experiences. 

Jacques loves food and is keen to show Annie some of the specialities on offer!

Youssef is a musician and loves to sing and play the guitar.

The stories are aimed particularly at Key Stage 3 learners, with the vocabulary and grammar set at level they will recognise and understand. 

All stories also have an audio version available and are backed up with resources to test comprehension.


You can sign up for a FREE one month trial on launch at and sign up to the newsletter for updates and news from A Language Story.

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Meet los dos amigos

Meet Carla and Carlos - los dos amigos

Carla is visiting her old friend Carlos in Spain. She loves learning Spanish, discovering different places in Spain and learning about their culture. Carla also loves music and plays both guitar and piano! 

Carlos is always having fun and is very sporty. He shows Carla around and loves introducing her to Spanish specialities and traditions. 

Join them on their adventures, as they journey around Spain. 

Perfect for  key stage 3 to get into READING and start to develop their language skills. 


Copyright © 2022 A Language Story

Reading aloud

Asking pupils to read aloud is a great way to practice pronunciation and engage learners on the text.

You can model it first and then ask them to read. It is great to see them gain confidence in their reading and get a feel for the gist of the text.

Why don’t you try it in your class. Sign up for a free trial now at

Writing Writing Writing

Although I don’t class myself as an author, I am starting to understand how much effort goes in to writing! Even my short stories take hours of thought and consideration, not to mention the cultural research and then the choice of vocabulary and grammar, and then the illustrations

Nevertheless I love the creativity and I love to see pupils engaging in the results and then producing some creative writing of their own 😀

Coming soon – a free story with audio and resources – just sign up to for the trial at to join in the fun 😀

May Newsletter – Welcome





My name is Andrew and I am the founder and creator of A Language Story. I would like to tell you a few things about myself and the journey, which has got me this far. But first of all, I really want to THANK YOU for your interest and for signing up to this newsletter and free trial.

I have been overwhelmed by the initial response and am working hard to get everything ready for launch.

Let me introduce myself…

I am a secondary school foreign languages teacher, with nearly 15 years experience. Before that, I owned two clothes shops selling vintage classics in one and European skate and streetwear brands in the other And before that, I was based in Germany, travelling all around Europe selling flared jeans to as many cool independent shops as I could find.

It has been quite a journey and has had one thing in common – Languages. Learning and using languages has given me so many opportunities and experiences and I continue to relish the chance to travel and experience new things, especially if it is to do with food & drink!

A Language Story…

I have met so many incredible people along the way and many have played a role in inspiring my stories. The concept has taken quite a while to develop in my mind and then through my own teaching, i realised that there was a way to solve a problem with my short stories.

How do we get pupils reading in the target language? If it is too difficult, they lose motivation quickly, but if it is too easy and childish they go the same way. And so it began, Johnny German & Friends was born. Johnny is travelling around Germany, learning the language and culture on the way, and your pupils will hopefully soon be doing the same in German, French or Spanish!

Please be patient…

You will have to wait a little longer, but many things are happening in the background to make your experience hopefully worth the wait!

I’ll be in touch soon with some updates.

All the best



The team is growing at

In the spirit of the whole concept behind A Language Story, I am working with people around the globe and it is amazing!

The artists

Ferdinand and Aldana are in Argentina and are providing the wonderful illustrations to my stories.

The voiceovers are coming from native speakers in Spain, Germany and Tunisia.

Website development

The most exciting recent development is the involvement of a great old friend of mine in Germany , who will be helping me shape the website to suit customer needs and make the experience with A Language Story, a good one.

Watch this space

There is more to come and you will see the changes to the site, as we move nearer to launch in September 2022.