Boosting confidence in language learners!

Boosting confidence in language learners

Enabling learners to understand texts quickly, but challenging them to think at the same time, helps them build their confidence in the language and believe they can do it!

Our stories are designed to inspire and motivate pupils to read in the target language, without needing to look up every second word. Instead they can consolidate vocabulary and grammar structures they have already studied and build from there!

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Why is reading important?

Why is reading important?

Reading is an excellent way to improve your language skills. By doing lots of reading, you’re exposing yourself to new vocabulary and structures in a totally natural way, which helps you gain a better understanding of how the language really works.

Some important things to note when you’re reading in a foreign language:

  • You will not understand every word. Just try and understand as much as you can from context and get the gist. You can look up any key words in a dictionary.
  • Write down new words and phrases. If you look something up, write it down!
  • Make notes. You can improve your writing skills and ensure you don’t forget things, by making some notes.
  • Enjoy it! If you read something you enjoy, it won’t feel like work 😄


Our short stories are a great way of starting your reading adventure. They are, erm, short, which is motivational at the beginning! They contain vocabulary you will recognise, so you can get the gist quickly, they are wonderfully illustrated and packed full of cultural information too.

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Welcome to A Language Story

Welcome to A Language Story

This project has been some years in the making! Drawn from my experiences of living and working in Europe, I have created a series of short stories in French, German and Spanish.The stories are based on a set of characters, who travel around the countries, discovering the local culture, meeting new friends and getting up to all kinds of adventures!

It is difficult to find authentic texts which are age appropriate and easy to understand, which is where these stories come in. The vocabulary is based on the UK curriculum for KS3, so learners can get the gist of the stories, as well as build up new vocabulary too.

All stories come with audio and teaching resources, with comprehension tasks and creative ideas.

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