Building Cultural Capital

Los dos amigos cultural icon Alhambra
cultural picture The Eiffel Tower

For pupils sitting in a warm classroom in the afternoon Language learning can be difficult, especially if it’s a heavy grammar based lesson!

By bringing in some cultural information, showing a brief clip or some pictures can really inspire pupils to want to find out more and motivate them to learn the language.

In our stories we include many references to landmarks, food and drink, music, art and other cultural aspects of the places visited. This not only opens up the classroom lesson to the real world, but also provides opportunity for project work, creative homework and importantly a hook to hang new language on

Don’t just teach the topic of holidays. Get pupils to find out about a specific place and then base their new language on that place.

Using our stories in this way, is a great way to finish off a topic and create a final piece of writing or even a short story of their own.



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