My name is Andrew and I am the founder and creator of A Language Story. I would like to tell you a few things about myself and the journey, which has got me this far. But first of all, I really want to THANK YOU for your interest and for signing up to this newsletter and free trial.

I have been overwhelmed by the initial response and am working hard to get everything ready for launch.

Let me introduce myself…

I am a secondary school foreign languages teacher, with nearly 15 years experience. Before that, I owned two clothes shops selling vintage classics in one and European skate and streetwear brands in the other And before that, I was based in Germany, travelling all around Europe selling flared jeans to as many cool independent shops as I could find.

It has been quite a journey and has had one thing in common – Languages. Learning and using languages has given me so many opportunities and experiences and I continue to relish the chance to travel and experience new things, especially if it is to do with food & drink!

A Language Story…

I have met so many incredible people along the way and many have played a role in inspiring my stories. The concept has taken quite a while to develop in my mind and then through my own teaching, i realised that there was a way to solve a problem with my short stories.

How do we get pupils reading in the target language? If it is too difficult, they lose motivation quickly, but if it is too easy and childish they go the same way. And so it began, Johnny German & Friends was born. Johnny is travelling around Germany, learning the language and culture on the way, and your pupils will hopefully soon be doing the same in German, French or Spanish!

Please be patient…

You will have to wait a little longer, but many things are happening in the background to make your experience hopefully worth the wait!

I’ll be in touch soon with some updates.

All the best



The team is growing at

In the spirit of the whole concept behind A Language Story, I am working with people around the globe and it is amazing!

The artists

Ferdinand and Aldana are in Argentina and are providing the wonderful illustrations to my stories.

The voiceovers are coming from native speakers in Spain, Germany and Tunisia.

Website development

The most exciting recent development is the involvement of a great old friend of mine in Germany , who will be helping me shape the website to suit customer needs and make the experience with A Language Story, a good one.

Watch this space

There is more to come and you will see the changes to the site, as we move nearer to launch in September 2022.


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