Newsletter 2 - Preview Stories are ready!



I wanted to explain a little more about the concept behind A Language Story.

When introducing literature to beginner level pupils, I have always found it very difficult to find a text which is accessible  and age appropriate. Stories are either too childish or too difficult to understand.

That is why I started writing some short stories and using them in class to consolidate and practice vocabulary, which related to vocabulary and structure we were using in class.

The result is that pupils gain confidence in their ability to read and are therefore motivated to persevere.

A Language Story aims to provide an introduction to reading. The short stories are a bridge to reading authentic literature.

I have tested the initial stories in class and the response has been fantastic! Follow up tasks have included drama, story writing and film making!


We have had lots of fun so far – I hope you will too!


I am really pleased to introduce these first stories for FREE.

All of the short stories in German, Spanish and French  come with an audio version and some comprehension questions.

They are read and checked by a native speaker and I have checked them over, but please forgive me if you spot any typos or mistakes. Before the main launch I will get everything proof read again !

As I develop the website, the layout will be optimised too, which will give you the smoothest user friendly experience possible. For example I would like to add an annotation function, so you can ask pupils to highlight words on the board.

In other news…….

I started an MFL reading club at school recently, which has been really great. Interestingly I have had a big mix of students coming along keen to try to improve – not just the top of the class! 

Free 14 day trial!

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