Les amis d'Annie - French Short stories

Discover the World of les amis d'Annie

Welcome to our library of French short stories following the adventures of Les amis d’Annie. As Annie travels around France, she will reveal many interesting cultural facts about the places he visits, specialities and traditions.

Each story is based on a topic, which relates to the topics taught in schools, particularly linked closely to the UK curriculum for language learning. Practice reading aloud, listening, dictation, translation, vocabulary, comprehension and more!

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Topic -Introductions

Meet Annie and find out a little bit about her with this basic story.

Complete with audio and teaching resources.


Topic – Greetings

Annie and Jacques meet in Lyon.They have a great time discovering the wonderful city of Lyon, sampling specialities, creating street art and even dancing on walls! 

This is the beginning of many adventures with Annie and her friends.

Complete with audio and teaching resources.


Topic – School

Annie and Youssef are on a school trip to Normandy. Annie loves to draw, but Youssef is always getting into mischief! As they discover the magic of Normandy, the two friends have some close shaves, whilst trying to finish their school projects!

Learn about Wiliam the Conqueror and the Bayeux tapestry in this whirlwind tour of Normandy.

Complete with audio and teaching resources.


Topic  – Freetime

Jacques loves sport and he is showing Annie around beautiful Brittany.

Annie prefers the calmer activities, but Jacques is keen to show off his skills!

On this blitz tour of Brittany you will find out about some famous and wondrous places to visit one day!

Complete with audio and teaching resources.