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Boost Reading Skills!

Develop Listening Skills

Our stories are designed to help pupils feel success and gain motivation, by using vocabulary and grammar structures they can recognise.

You can encourage pupils to read aloud or you can read to pupils, whilst they follow along.

Additionally, with the audio feature, pupils can listen to the recording from a native speaker, whilst reading along as well.

All of our stories include an audio version, which is great for classwork and homework.

The audio is recorded by a native speaker, to ensure pupils get access to excellent,  accurate and clear pronunciation.

Gap fill exercises included, are also a very good way for pupils to practise their listening skills.

Get Creative with Writing!

Build Confidence in Speaking

Using the worksheets provided, pupils can practice sentence building each week.

As their vocabulary knowledge improves and they being to get to grips with sentence structure, pupils can begin to write their own simple stories.

The ability to use the language creatively is a huge motivation for pupils and brings a great sense of acheivement! 

It is crucial to quickly break down the wall which inhibits pupils to speak in a foreign language.

Our stories contain lots of short interactions, which pupils can read out, act out or use to create their own short scenes.

They find these tasks interesting and fun, which helps them relax and lose their inhibitions.

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