How to use our Short Stories

In Lessons

Use the introductions mini story, to introduce the main character(s) and retrieve some basic language for more advanced learners (Year 8/9) or to introduce basic language to beginners (Year 7).

Then there are various options, how to continue.

  • Use the story to consolidate and practice language learnt at the end of a topic and get pupils to write their own story and/or do a cultural project.
  • Dip into the stories as you work on a topic. Read an extract and ask pupils to focus on vocabulary, use some of the speech for a speaking exercise, do a quick reading or listening comprehension.
  • Book a computer room and let pupils work through a story, answering the comprehension questions and then moving on to a project task.
Jacques writing 2

Project Work



  • Create your own characters – use Character Creation template worksheet
  • Create your own story – use Storyboard template worksheet/PowerPoint
  • Use specific vocabulary to bring your story alive – use Story Useful Words Sheet
  • Do some cultural research – Use Cultural Project Template worksheet
  • Film/Animation: Pupils could create an animation or film of their story
  • Drama: Pupils could write a simple script and act it out



  • Pupils could work on the stories from home of course, checking the answers to the comprehension questions as they go along.
  • Pupils could also complete one of the creative project tasks ( see above) for homework.
  • More advanced learners could be set a story every couple of weeks as retrieval practice
  • Flipped learning could be used, whereby pupils read the story in advance
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